Golden EP (2015)

by Stephen Hero

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4-track EP (RAG007)

1. Golden
2. It Will Continue
3. His Judas Tree
4. Sellotaping leaves

Bonus tracks (FREE with EP purchases)

5. Golden - Instrumental
6. It Will Continue - Instrumental

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released June 12, 2015

© + ℗ Patrick Fitzgerald

All songs written and recorded by Patrick Fitzgerald

Golden :
Vocals - Tanya Donelly
Drums - Dave Morgan

Artwork by Karl Harris

Ragoora Records (RAG007)



all rights reserved



Patrick Fitzgerald is the singer and bass player in Kitchens of Distinction, the master of ceremonies behind the band of freaks known as Fruit, one half of mystery duo Lost Girls and the guiding light of Stephen Hero. He has been releasing records under all these guises and more since 1987 ... more

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Track Name: Golden

You are golden
You are marine
Aqua, rippled
Merman stilettoed

You are gold

You are shimmer
You are mackereled
Iridescence, pink
Maiden-haired man

You are gold

You are certain
There's no confusion
You're completely hisself

You are army
You are cobra
Nippled extreme

You are gold
Track Name: It Will Continue
It Will Continue

It will continue
Continue to haunt you
To writhe inside a restless worm unsatisfied
There will be moments
Moments of comfort
In the newly sown garden will bring joy
As the pink clematis unfolds in May
But its stain, central stain of purple
Will prick the guilt, open the gate
And a gulp of fear
Strings itself around your throat
Hard to breathe in, stone hard to swallow out
There will be moments
Moments of comfort
Lost in a sticky embrace, fleshy and alcoholic
Perfumed and drugged
But in the very strait depths
When you're lost in closeness the wound will bloom
Puckered and horrible
There must be something
Something to still it
There must be a salve that cloaks
A painkiller that works
Ah, what's the point of forgiveness
Untying of the knot
When you've got your new garden, garden
Where the traitors queue to airkiss you
There will be moments
Track Name: His Judas Tree
His Judas Tree

Brittle tongued villain
Sour as lemons
Left in the sun to rot
Give back the money
The money that hangs you
From his Judas tree
From his Judas tree

Give back the sweat
From a thousand nights loving
It's not going to help
It will not sustain you
Give back the secret
Kept clipped in your purse

Brittle tongued villain
Heart guillotined out
Hair brilliant black
Slick Brilliantine black
You're all corpse now
Skin and unloved bones
Brittle and vicious
Your wit is arid desert dead

Give back the sweat
Track Name: Sellotaping Leaves
Sellotaping Leaves

Did we have the best time ever in New York?
Flying high under buildings too tall to climb
Did we have the best time ever in Lisbon?
Lighting absinthe drinks and burning our beards

Picnic salt and pepper in Tupperware boxes
Finishing touches to the best lunch out
Don't stop sellotaping the red leaves
Back on the autumnal trees

Because I can't stand what's happening
But I can try to remind you
It was worth it, yes it was worth it
We were worth it

Did we have the worst time ever just last night
Shouting stupid languages in our so what clothes
Now it's vague and does not feel urgent
But don't stop sellotaping the red leaves
To the trees

Cos I can't stand what's happening
But I can try to remind you
It was worth it
We were worth it

Sat in the hotel window recess
Clarinet music plays
Watching the grey ocean rollers
The New Jersey shoreline sails