Darkness & The Day (2002)

by Stephen Hero

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Darkness & The Day
Artful Records (ARTFULCD44)
Originally released in April 2002

Track Listing:

1. Foolish Things
2. Fall (let the water get close)
3. My Beautiful One
4. Hexmass Waltz
5. NYC
6. The Dark Dirt
7. Laughing Gas
8. Making Sense
9. She Got Fever
10. The Sun Shall Walk Us Home
11. (The March Home)
12. Thanks, Not Afraid
13. E flat


released October 19, 2011

Written, Played and Recorded by Patrick Fitzgerald, Ireland 2001
Drums: Dave Morgan

Backing Vox on Track 3: David McAlmont
Extra Guitar/Backing Vox on Track 5: Ashley Wood
Backing Vox on Track 5: Kim Smith
Backing Vox on Tracks 6 + 12: Mark Mulcahy
Extra Drums on Tracks 6 + 12: John Hanley
Guitar Ghosts on Track 13: The Bearded Lady



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Patrick Fitzgerald is the singer and bass player in Kitchens of Distinction, the master of ceremonies behind the band of freaks known as Fruit, one half of mystery duo Lost Girls and the guiding light of Stephen Hero. He has been releasing records under all these guises and more since 1987 ... more

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Track Name: Foolish Things
Laugh, we're laughing, we've fixed up the cracks that threatened to wear us out. So meet me uptown, we owe ourselves a night at the discotheque of delights. You laugh I love it, I love it when you smile, you make me feel I've done something wild. And those foolish things we did, I swear we'll never do them again, that day is done. You come to me and rock my simple world. The way you look, the way you undress, the way you stopped smoking cigarettes. So we get closer, and then we mess about, and that journey home on our knees. My head's still hurting, but I see through the fog that there's someone I so want to please. And those foolish things we did, we swore we'd never drink again. I whispered till you slept, and when we woke you didn't leave, you stayed for breakfast. We made it this far, let's make it further. Look to your heart now, does it flutter? With you I'm certain, with us I'm surer. You are my hope, you are my cure. This one's for you babe, this one's from the heart and you know how dark that gets. It's dumb, but dumb don't make it wrong, I so want to be with you. And those foolish things we did? You know I'd like to do them again, it felt so good to love someone the way we loved today. To love someone and not to be afraid. To hold you close and not be scared and maybe the gaming ends.
Track Name: Fall (let the water get close)
Your eyes tell the score. Night club ears are ringing. Shut-eye carousel. Got to get this evening drowned. Down to the river's call, back past the safety zone, got to cool down. Down to the waterfall, deep in its cooling waters. Let go of the sides, float out on the river's sigh. Call out brief promises, call out these tender names. You're pulled mid stream and fall (let the water take you closer). Your eyes tell the score. You can't stop this reeling. Here in the midnight glow you have lost all reason and fall. Your eyes tell the score in the midnight glow.
Track Name: My Beautiful One
Baby's sad, baby's closed for business, I think that he's been stung. Take off your shirt and show me where it hurts, my beautiful one. I know, they've been asking questions, invitation to the ordeal. You hang on to me and I'll be strong, my beautiful one. You're my beautiful friend and you have done no harm. We can climb on a train or drive to the shore, away from the monster hiding under the floor. I have hopeful notions, a map of belief. Come on baby it's time to leave. You're my beautiful friend from my beautiful dreams, you're my conspiracy of love. Baby's cold but there's no snow, he needs to be held very close. And I'm warm. I know there's trouble ahead, it's going to be a bumpy night. But I'll make it easy, so easy, for my beautiful one. And I'm really out to get you...
Track Name: Hexmass Waltz
The mountain's our favourite place, it's forest gives grace. It breathes, it's good, we dance to 78s. We're a couple of swells, we're a couple of Garlands. We're a couple of swells, a couple of Garlands. This is our mountain. This is our place. This is our mountain. It gives us grace. The snow-remembered path we built. Modern snow people, learnt elf, ho. Drank fizzy ion hits: pure bliss. Cross the river on the table's ice, we waltz. This is our mountain.This is our place.This is our mountain. It gives us grace. No one else's mountain. No one else's place. No one else can see us. No one else is safe.
Track Name: NYC
There's a big thunderstorm over New York City, curled up with Ellroy and Pirate Jenny. Kurt Weill's stuck in immigration. First to disappear is the Chrysler building. We're doomed. The dog needs walking he's still not exhausted from the clatter of unshot birds. Saturday morning we're cartoon stoned. The bird she bathes, the batman he kerpows. We're saved. Hey, I missed the landing. I'm still drunk and slightly wiser. Touched by the ocean we touched last year. And hey, the tip of the aeroplane's wings have hidden the Empire State. I saw it once from the ground where once that tremor burned. Wonder what he's writing on his airsick bag? The saucer-eyed holler baby's gone to sleep. The people from New Jersey on the Jack the Ripper tour. Is it easy to get roomed in an Earl's Court Bar? We're doomed. At the verge of the reservoir we said things we briefly felt. I said it once at your house where once that tremor burned. Bertolt Brecht rolls his R's so everyone is scared. Bertolt Brecht smokes cigars so everyone is saved.
Track Name: The Dark Dirt
Here comes the dark dirt. It wants a home in my soul. I'm tired and it is forceful, it will not let me go. It swung the hope of a sunken man, it spread the rot of thieves and now its phantom limbs are here and wish to bind to me. How to let go the dark dirt that makes you whole? How to let go the darkness of your soul? It comes to find shelter, soft knocking at my door. It offers ways of loving, it beguiles and it charms. If I had a faith to scare it, a belief to curse its path - but alone I feel incomplete, yes, it's the more that I lack. How to let go the dark dirt that makes you whole? How to let go the darkness of your soul? Oh courage now, but courage fails, can't keep me from dumb harm. He's pushing deep inside of me, I'm caught, I am gone.
Track Name: Laughing Gas
Laughing gas, you're laughing gas inside my dreams. Your jokey tongue, where we fell no longer pains. Where have you gone? Where you gone and how you been?
Track Name: Making Sense
I have walked the 1000 stairs. I have tumbled 100 falls. I have kissed those 20 lips. I have sought but I have missed. And through this trial I could not find a match for me, whose lips sought mine. I could not catch a simple thought that might make any sense of it all. Make some sense of it all. So I climbed those 1000 stairs again and risked my limbs at the 100 falls. I tried to move indifferent lips in case they were yours that I had missed. And if not you, then whatever's next in line, to catch my bite, complete my mind. Oh lord let them hold a simple thought that might make any sense of it all. I didn't bow down, I did persist. I kissed all the frogs I had to kiss. And then you appeared amidst the fuss and mess and with you my life might be blessed, make some sense of it all. Making sense, making sense, making sense of it all.
Track Name: She Got Fever
She got the fever deep inside. Came out of nowhere, took her by surprise. So he's got the fever. Night-time sweats. Came from behind her. Can't keep it secret for love, love is hot. She let him in and it was hot. She got the fever. Now he's got the fever. It was dark in there, dark and close, finger on button, escalating pulse. He got the fever deep down inside. She let it in yeah. Didn't have to try hard. He got closer. She pushed hard. They got each other. They got love. For love, love is hot. She let him in and it was hot. She got the fever, so he's got the fever...
Track Name: The Sun Shall Walk Us Home
Can't say no, never learnt the word. On our knees in dark alleys, on our backs in stranger's homes. Yes, yes to whisky, to whatever's going down. Disgrace ourselves with passion. Debase ourselves with hope (that this means something), and leave before the cleaner, we'll dress as you wipe the love from your eyes. It's goodbye. We're not bitter, we're not better but we've the sun to walk us home. We're not bitter, we're not better, we've the sunrise to walk us home. With our numbness and that damn itch and the sunrise to walk us home. We're not bitter, we're not better. No no to raw skin. No no to poppered flesh. Roof terrace blow jobs, Heaven's Wednesday gifts. No no to another lager. No no to your cocaine. I can't say no to the UN envoy, I can't say no to his pain. No shame, no shock, no aims, no loss. Someone's diagnosed. Once more the sun has bitten, once more we totter home.
Track Name: (The March Home)
Track Name: Thanks, Not Afraid
Thanks, but I am not afraid. I can be alone. My sleep is undisturbed. Thanks, but I don't need, I don't need a word gun spitting out advice rays. You think I'll just stand here? You think I'm that lame? Watch out here comes a chandelier. Better watch your step. Watch out here comes the freight train. Better watch your step. Thanks, I'm still unafraid. My heart is baby sharp and armed with potent charms. Thanks, but I don't want, I don't want your sad eyes, they fill me up with hate rays. You think I need a soft cage? You think I'm that tame? Watch out here comes a hurricane. Better watch your step. Watch out here comes the freight train. Better watch your step. You want forgiveness, for me to believe you, that somehow you lost your way. I'm the priest of vengeance and I don't believe you, it doesn't work out that way. Thanks, but you should feel afraid, you're the one who's marked, you're the one who fucked up. You might need some help, you might need my help someday, you could need a roof. My house is very cosy but my house might just have moved. (Some pretty music as you go.)
Track Name: E flat
Rolling down the river tonight. Packed a bag of letters, fruit, and rice. Counting on the stars to guide us right. Counting on the stars to guide us out.