Deciduous Eccentric

by Stephen Hero

  • Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    CD comes in a six panel card digisleeve featuring lyrics by Patrick Fitzgerald and artwork by Karl Harris. All pre-sale orders will be signed by Patrick. If you don't want a signed copy please let us know in your order.

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Deciduous Eccentric features 10 new songs of baroque chamber pop that sizzle and simmer with piano, cello, and electronics all topped off with that distinctive voice. For his final record Patrick has written songs from personal memories, initially set to small piano pieces, that have then been brought electrifyingly to life with some amazing cello work by maverick composer and media artist Semay Wu. Along the way we discover harmonies from Heidi Berry (4AD/Creation) and a duet with Simon Rivers (The Bitter Springs) plus further cameo appearances from assorted friends and musical accomplices. "The door is open
, it's time that I went


released November 1, 2019

© + ℗ Written, made and played by Patrick Fitzgerald with:

Semay Wu - cello on all songs except Don't Say It's Too Late
Yves Altana - cymbals and percussion
Heidi Berry - harmony vocal on Stripping Oliver
Simon Rivers - first lead vocal on Don't Say It's Too Late
Fern Smith - backing vocal on Fly A Rocket and Elsie, The Sea
Philip Ralph - backing vocal on Fly A Rocket and Elsie, The Sea
Will Fulford-Jones - mandolin on Patient Here Myself and violin on Elsie, The Sea and Turn To You


all rights reserved




Patrick Fitzgerald was the singer and bass player in Kitchens of Distinction. After Kitchens he was: Fruit, one half of three fabulous duos - Lost Girls | The April Seven | Oskar's Drum - and Stephen Hero. He has been releasing records under all these guises and more since 1987. ... more

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Track Name: The Green North
The Green North

We learnt the names of birds and trees
We learnt the names of stars
Constellations in the west
Wild and cold and far
These keen northern nights

We mapped the walks, the beaches, coves
The shingled fragile strand
Lightning struck to fulgurite, foraminifera
Green northern lights

I remember I remember
It feels far and distant
Vague picture, blurred vistas
It was fantastic

We learnt to sing and cook and dance
Picked up the piano
The soups and jams were boiling up
Boxed wine, candlelight
As if your soul was in the sky
Glowing, glowing
As if your soul was in the sky
Glowing, glowing

In the fields lie cows and sheep
Turf smoke is drifting
The drunkard tractor driver men
In the pubside muttering
Outside there are shimmerings
Wild waves of silvery lights

Hard rain on the boggy roads
The dunes down at Strandhill
Bee orchids, grey seals
Oystercatchers, sanderlings

We lived so well
We burst our minds
Ejaculating splendour
Now it’s singing in the past
Savouring the memories
Fade into night
I remember, do you remember?
Indigo nights?
Track Name: Colin

Colin cuts his hair short
Brushes out his wig
Slips his arms into the dress
Smears red on his lips

I'm home in this baby doll
Pink champagne on ice
I'm home in silk and pearls
Such a paradise

Colin saves the buttons
Of every soldier he's kissed
Colin calls it a museum
It's my museum of bliss

Colin straps are hurting
Stockings on the floor
Put the girl in white tonight
Tomorrow boy once more
Shoot your arrow up in the sky
Watch it dazzle
Watch it fly
Shoot your arrow high in the sky

Colin sings for strangers
Makes them feel relaxed
Soldier Colin, sailor Colin
Banjee Colin, fag

Can't you see I've learnt to fly, prettiness inside
Can't you see I've learnt to fly, I'm a butterfly inside

Colin's drinking too much gin
Falls across the floor
Colin's tired, but can't stop trying
Smiling, waving, smiling, crying
Shoots his arrow up in the sky
Watch it dazzle, watch it fly
Shoots his arrow high in the sky
Will it fizzle out and die?
Track Name: Fly A Rocket
Fly A Rocket

Captain, oh captain
Hoist up the John B sails
England's cold and lost its soul
There's a cherry blossom glow in Tokyo
I know what's coming next
I'm not afraid
I'll swing with the sweep of time
To a French chateau

(Chorus Voices: Captain, captain
Underneath my skin
Captain take us out
To cherry blossom snow in Tokyo
I quit my whoring, I'll be so clean
I quit my dreaming, I'll be so clear
Captain you're the calm
Diamond of my soul
Part of me is tethered in
The part I thought was missing
I quit my drinking, I'll be so clean
I quit my dreaming, I'll be so clear)

Captain, oh Captain
How many breaths are left?
I feel a rush to get things done
Now I've gone and quit my selfishdom
I quit beer and whoring
Smoking's so boring
And studied Manet
I quit my obsessing
Religion's depressing
Is there enough time to play?
I'll learn to dance
I'll learn to sing
I'll learn to fly a rocket

Where shall we go to avoid the snow?
It's late now and the Derbyshire hills are dark
Time to take myself to bed
Captain, oh, Captain
Help me wear the skin of a wiser man

And whilst there's still time there's a flat in Berlin
Full of light and ghosts
Let's go there next April
Then Porto in May
Olives with Elizabeth

I will dance
I will sing
I will fly a rocket
Track Name: Elsie, The Sea
Elsie, the sea

Is calling me

Lulling me back and forth

Blue and green and cold and deep

Sleepy Sargasso sea

What wonderful fields of green

What wondering fields of green upon grey

What wonderful fields of grey, what wonder

A walk through the field to the beach to the tide 

Crashing big breakers soaking my shoes

I wasn't expecting such a big welcome

I wasn't expecting you

The ship, the ship can’t see this

The ship, the ship sails on

Here is the rest I long for tonight

Here is the bed where the moon rests its head

What wonderful fields of black upon black

What wonderful greys and blues

What wonderful fields of green upon grey

What wonder

Track Name: Gunshot In The Fog
A Gunshot In The Fog

Hunters in the valley

Where are you now?
Did you get to the station?

These separations cause such worry

I’m anxious at night,
the men shoot the partridge

In this foggy wet valley
I trudge with old faithful

Wondering where the train takes you

Where thinking of you takes me

Roses, such perfect roses

Pink petals in the Belfast sink.

Roses, Ashes of Roses 

The Austin A90 stalled on Hampstead Hill

A gunshot in the fog deafens, it deafens

I can’t hear the birds, are they done singing?

Are you calling? There’s no signal 

I shout into the fog, the mist doesn’t answer

There’s a body in there somewhere

Tomorrow they'll find it, tomorrow you're home

Track Name: Patient Here Myself
Patient Here Myself

I’m sorry I can’t help

I’m a patient here myself

I used to know the exit

The way through the doors

We’ll both just have to wait

Buzz and beep go the machines

As we sit and stare at the TV

Their digital humming, digital numbing

The more they bleep the less you feel

The nurse wheels us to the needles

Where they bleed us, then try to feed us

They call me by my first name like I’m demented

Then wheel me back behind the curtain again 

Take him down, take him down

X-ray form, X-ray gown

The doctor frowns at the screen he sees

He can't even bear to look at me

“Is it alive or dead? How can you tell?"

"Prod it, prod it, see if it moves
"Prod it, prod it, see if there's goo.”

I’m sorry I can’t help

I’m a stranger here myself

I got lost in the hall, in the white corridor

We’ll both just have to wait.

Track Name: Skinny Cupboard Pill Boy
Skinny Cupboard Pill Boy

A cupboard of pills

Tells me he’s ill

"Mind if we don’t?" he asks

"I don’t mind" I say

He leads me to bed

I hold his frail body

And into the darkness we go together

A simple release now folded into sleep

I leave him a kiss, behind me a wave

From a skinny cupboard pill boy

Waiting on his rattling grave

On his rattly grave

Track Name: Stripping Oliver
Stripping Oliver

Just a step, step closer

To the edge, I'm going over

Stripping Oliver to the bone, to the gold

Falling head first into his heart

Let the music take control

Bones and tendon

Electric nerve shake

Birds, just bird song (no music at all)

Stripping Oliver to the sound

Of his grinning

Feeling Oliver inside his skin

The music prickling

Motorbike boy underneath lips

Lies the promise of his kiss

Bones and tendon, electric nerve shake

Birds, just bird song (no music at all)

A breathing hole In the skin

We're going to sing like birds

Just one breath, breath closer

I'm slipping in, I'm going over

By stripping Oliver to the skin

His soul's unzipping

Track Name: Turn To You
Turn To You

I hope today went well, the kids behaved

I love what you do, it's great
I haven't said it 

Lost in my crisis, half-listening, half-falling

Off imaginary bridges

Sometimes it feels so hopeless

And I'm supposed to be Hercules

At times like these, I turn to you

I turn to you ashamed of my despair

I turn to you knowing your face, the trace

The space between us

Into which I poured concrete and messed up

You stand there arms open, smiling, sighing

That you've always been here, there

But never seen, why don't I listen?

What's the matter with me?
I turn to you

I turn off the cinema of traffic accidents

I turn off the cinema of overdoses

Plunges into freezing reservoirs

I turn to you in my failings, and you take me

And I can't bear that you take me I can't leave you

Because back there was too frightening

I never said thank you, what an asshole

I never said thank you, what an asshole

You shush my self-loathing

Pull up my face from your sweater

And you say I've always been here

Here, there, wherever, turn to me

I turn to you

Track Name: Don't Say It's Too Late
Don’t Say It’s Too Late

Don’t say it

Don’t say it’s too late, don’t mean it

I couldn't do more it's not in my grasp

I couldn't do more

Why do you even ask? 

Don’t make me say it, don’t make me

Don’t make me mean it, don’t make me

December ends, what a charade

Sparkling cards and melancholy hearts

The seesaw dishonesty, Bacardi and gin

Come home loose-tongued expecting a grin

Look at us now, all grey and useless

I’m not your nurse now, you can be replaced 

Childhood ambitions in your juvenile brain

Haven’t you seen it?
We're not the same

Nothing is coming, and nothing now will

Yes nothing new is coming, nothing ever will

There's a unicorn of hope

In a rainbow field

Neighing out a certainty

That everyone's real

Dreams breed despair

Resent, discontent

The door is open

It's time that I went

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